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First Newbie Run of the Season
Are you new to off-roading? Do you have no experience? Do you not have anyone to show you the ropes?

If you answered yes to any of the questions join the Sheppard run June 13th 2015! Grizzled veterans need not apply!

Join us for the 2nd Annual Muli User Trail Ride
This ride organized in conjunction with Kawartha ATV Association,  promotes good relationships between different trail user groups and allows us to enjoy a day together on the trails. Lunch will be provided to all attendees and is hosted by the Brampton Area Jeep Club.

Annual OF4WD Adopt-a-Road
In the spirit of giving back to the communities we play in, the OF4WD has taken on a road as part of the Adopt-A-Road program in the Peterborough County. The road we have adopted is a part of Hwy 507 just outside Bobcaygeon. As the adopter of this road we are responsible to arrange annual clean-ups.

  OF4WD 2014 AGM
Come on out and see what we have been up to. Join us for the 2014 AGM. Open to all members in good standing.

  Winter Trail Closure
Attention all members, please be advised that many of the trails are closed for the winter months to allow use by our fellow trail users the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC). As of December 1st these trails are offlimits for 4WD use.

  The Third Annual Stuff The Jeep Holiday Toy Drive
OF4WD sponsor Autoworks Off-Road in Oshawa are sponsoring the third annual "Stuff the Jeep" Campaign. They are collecting new unwrapped toys for donation to needy families in the Durham region this Holiday Season. Donations will be made to Simcoe Hall Settlement House in Oshawa on Dec 14, 2013..

  Sheppard Run: The Mutton Men Lead the Next Generation
In March, our club, the SSO, was looking for a way to give back to the 4WD community. We have loved the close nit giving aspects of 4 wheeling during our time, but having people to go with early on was a challenge for all of us. I'm sure we've all been there. Finding someone to show you the ropes, and keep your first wheeling trip stress free can be next to impossible.

  BAJA Fundraising for Minden
On Saturday June 15, 2013 the BAJA group dedicated their annual Show ní Shine as a Charity Event to raise funds to assist in the recovery efforts. The BAJA Club raised $1000 for the Township of Minden.  Shortly after, the BAJA Club Members and President Ralph Tota Junior joined the members of the Flood Relief committee in Minden for the Cheque presentation.


New Membership Package
The 2014 membership year starting this October members will now receive awesome new plastic membership cards designed by Aaron Darling.  The card is image printed with your name and member number.  On the reverse side is text stating you are a member in good standing with a provided window for a current yearly sticker to be applied.

  ORV Reminders
In the past few months Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers have reported a higher than normal rate of infractions revolving around ORVís.  An ORV is a vehicle generally designed and intended for off road use only.  These include side by sides, buggies, dirt bikes, Argos etc. 

  Joint ATV/4WD Ride
Trail riding throughout Ontario is without a doubt booming on all fronts. Whether you ride an ATV, Dirt Bike, 4WD or a Snowmobile the sport of trail riding has something for everyone and is a great way to spend a weekend or an evening with family and friends.

  MVP Awards
In August 2013 the OF4WD erected signs designed by Aaron Darling, and installed by Brian Sibbles, Mark Bachman, Connie Muller and Tami Hamilton. While the rocky terrain gave them grief the signs went in along the access road, top of the mountain and the trail entrance.

  Greens Signage Installed
In August 2013 the OF4WD erected signs designed by Aaron Darling, and installed by Brian Sibbles, Mark Bachman, Connie Muller and Tami Hamilton. While the rocky terrain gave them grief the signs went in along the access road, top of the mountain and the trail entrance.

  New Bridge

Haliburton ATV Association (HATVA), the prime ATV club in the area, lead the charge in putting the wheels in motion to get this bridge repaired. As committed leaders in multi-trail user team work HATVA approached the OF4WD and asked if they could provide person power to get this huge job done.

  Travel and Tourism Promotions 

In August a few members met up the Kawartha Lakes Travel and Tourism Photographer for a photo shoot on the trail. Snapping a few great shots ranging from mild to wild the photos will be selected and used to help encourage more 4WD tourism to the area.


Just Jeeps Trail Report Giveaway

August 2013 Just Jeeps Trail Report Giveaway goes to............Brian Mundy. Congratulation Brian, keep up the great work. Brian's name is still in for the grand prize winch in November and will be in subsequent months if he trail reports again.


  Always Go Prepared
A day on the trail can be a fun and relaxing time, but in the blink of an eye it can change for the worse.


  In Memory Of
It comes with deep regret to report that the board of directors has sustained a great loss this year. Director Bruce Horvath (Bronco) passed away suddenly on Wednesday August 14th 2013 right before Camp NL.

Bronco has been a part of the 4WD community for about 10 years as an active member of London Area Jeep Owners Club (LAJOC) and in the past 4 years very active in the OF4WD. Bronco's leadership and friendly demeanor to everyone will be extremely missed by the board and all the communities' members who had the honour of knowing Bronco.

As we focus on the future and carry on our work we will remember Bruce always as an honourary board of director who's heart was given to this sport and suddenly taken from us way too soon.

Wheel all be wheelin together soon Bronco, save us a spot on the heavenly trails.


  OF4WD Welcomes New Sponsor - 4WD Parts
For those of you that haven't heard yet, 4WheelParts recently purchased the National 4wd chain of stores and is now here in Canada with locations in Alberta, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario. Operating as 4WheelParts Canada, we are pleased to welcome them as the latest Silver Sponsor of the OF4WD and thank them for supporting the local off-road community. 

  Five Points Trails Clean Up
Once again we have proven that when working together we can do amazing things. Today, July 27, 2013, 44 plus volunteers ascended on the Bobcaygeon Tim Hortons with the mission of cleaning up the five points trail system due to recent storm damage. Working in teams primarily comprised of Kawartha ATV Association and OF4WD members the mixed crews headed out and successfully cleared all trails in the five points.

  Just Jeeps Trail Report Giveaway
The OF4WD is proud to announce our 2013 Trail Report Give Away! JUST JEEPS is once again stepping it up to help the 4WD community by providing prizes for members who submit trail reports regularly.

  Trails Advisory Notice - Recent Storms
The OF4WD has been receiving reports of trees down on trails from across the province resulting from storms on July 19th 2013. If you are out riding the trails please take caution if removing debris. Please report all trail runs via the trail reporting system and let us know if the trail is clear, blocked, or has been cleared by your group. As always please think safety when dealing with tree removal. If it can not be done safely, report to the OF4WD and we'll work with all the other trail users in cleaning it up. Ride safe and have fun! Note: Trail reports can not be submitted via a mobile device, please send email report to trails@of4wd.com

  Multi Trail User Ride
Kawartha ATV Association, Twins Mountain Snowmobile Club and the Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive would like to invite you to the first annual ATV & 4WD ride in Bobcaygeon Ontario.

  Newbie Run #2 - July 20th
Due to overwhelming interest the OF4WD will be running a 2nd Newbie Run this year. Sign up early!

  Be Proud of Four Wheel Drive Recreation
Have you noticed people often ask "Why do you enjoy Wheeling the trails in a Jeep or 4X4 vehicle. Why not just use an ATV or dirt bike?" Well, that is a great question, so sit on down for a minute and let me tell you.

  Keeping It Beautiful With Trail Maintenance
Early, Saturday June first 2013, Members of the SSO club, and the Canadian Nissan Truck club met at the head of the Minden hydro line trail. The mission to remove a classic GM chassis, complete with vintage straight six, and a trailer that time forgot.

  Educating Kids Before They Even Have a License
The technologies department at Glenview Park in Cambridge Ontario takes great pride in producing an annual car show to celebrate the automotive Industry and partner with the community to showcase the different career pathways for students. The entire school gets involved to provide this show by using all the different departments and skill sets.

  A Way to Give Back to the Host Communities
Roughly five years ago, members of the OF4WD came up with the idea to do something for the host communities which they will appreciate, notice and that will affect everyone, not just trail users. This idea was to take part in the Adopt-A-Road program which is established in many communities across the country. The program allows individuals or groups to adopt a section of road where they are responsible for picking up garbage and making it look presentable for everyone who uses it. It was decided to select Hwy 507 in the county of Peterborough near the town of Buckhorn as it is a main route for cottagers, locals and off-roaders alike.

  Trail Mom
A Trail Mom's-Eye View of Wheeling with Kids

The top 10 things you must have to remain sane!  

  OF4WD Launches new Sponsorship Package
The OF4WD is excited to launch its new sponsorship package! Beginning this year we are offering new and exciting opportunities for our sponsors to enjoy a full year complete sponsorship offering that includes event promotion, online advertising and Camp NL exposure.

  Boundary Road Clean-up
In late January 2012 the OF4WD was made aware of a short trail known as the Salmon Burn Trail that connects the north end of  Crystal Lake trail and the Gooderham trail in Bobcaygeon

  Salmon Burn Trail
In late January 2012 the OF4WD was made aware of a short trail known as the Salmon Burn Trail that connects the north end of  Crystal Lake trail and the Gooderham trail in Bobcaygeon..

  Signage Project

In May 2012 the OF4WD worked with the Kawartha and Halliburton ATV associations to roll out information and directional signs throughout the five points. 

Over 200 fibreglass signs have been placed in the region with more to come, giving all trail users valuable information. 

  Wheeling a Team Sport
Youíve heard it before and Iíll say it again, the only way to have a sustainable trail system in Ontario is through the joint efforts of all the trail users.  Whether you ride a Bike, ATV, 4X4, a horse or a Sled it really doesnít matter.  What does matter is you have a place to enjoy it.

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