The First Sheppard Run

Right around the time of the OF4WD A.G.M. in March, our club The SSO was looking for a way to give back to the 4WD community. We have loved the close nit giving aspects of 4 wheeling during our time, but having people to go with early on was a challenge for all of us. … read more

New Membership Package

As the OF4WD grows and evolves over the years the board of directors always look for opportunities to save money and bring better value to the membership. One area of great expense was the printing of membership cards each year. While the design and concept has been above and beyond most organizations over the years … read more

MVP Awards

In recognition of their continued support of 4WD use and maintaining a reliable and safe trail system in the five points near Bobcaygeon the OF4WD awarded Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA) and Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club (TMSC) with MVP awards. Designed and crafted by Aaron and Carol Ann Darling of the OF4WD, the awards are just … read more

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