2015 Boundary Road Cleanup: Cold and Dirty!

On Saturday, November 14, the OF4WD joined forces with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) and Lafarge Canada to clean up Boundary Road. This stretch of road is an unassumed road that off-roaders and snowmobiliers frequent and it is the unfortunate location for a lot of illegal dumping on a large scale.


The day started with a meet and greet at the Port Perry Snowmobile Club headquarters at 8 am. Lafarge came with two front-end loaders and two bins to collect all the garbage that was picked up. Winter decided to arrive and it was -5 degrees outside and lightly snowing the entire day. Everyone was in great spirts and how could you not be? There’s nothing better than being outside with friends, in your off-road vehicles, and taking care of the trails you love.




Some of the items collected included: Hundreds of rusted oil cans from the 1950s, toilets, bathroom cabinetry, tires, rugs, couches, bed frames, tiles, and shingles.



Two commercial size garbage bins, two pick up trucks, and an OF4WD member’s trailer were filled to the brim with garbage. After we were done for the day the Long Sault Snowmobile club hosted everyone at their clubhouse for a hot BBQ lunch.


Working side-by-side with the OFSC crew was a treat. Our two groups don’t often meet since we operate in different seasons so it was enjoyable to get to know our brothers and sisters of the winter season, tour their clubhouses, and discuss our beautiful trail system.

The OF4WD thanks everyone who took time out of their weekend to help with this cleanup.

To see the full album of photos taken during the cleanup, please visit the OF4WD Flickr page.

To learn more about District Three of the OFSC visit their site at OFSC District 3.

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