2015 Boundary Road Cleanup

Every year the OF4WD partners with the OFSC and Lafarge to clean up Boundary Road. This stretch of road is an unassumed road that is used by four-wheel drive enthusiasts and snowmobilers, as well as local residents.

Unfortunately there are some people who use the stretch of road as an illegal dumping ground rather than pay for a rental construction disposal bin. The OF4WD does not condone this type of behavior.

The road is littered with old toilets, bathroom mirrors, mattresses, sofas, and massive amounts of tiles in garbage bags. There’s a misconception in the surrounding community that it is the offroaders who are making this mess when in fact it is just inconsiderate people who view Boundary Road as their own personal garbage dump.

The OF4WD participates in the yearly Boundary Road cleanup as a show of good faith towards the town, and towards Lafarge who own property along the road.

The following video is a recap of the cleanup from a previous year:

The cleanup this year will take place on Saturday, November 14 at 8am . If you would like to join us in the cleanup effort please sign up on the link below:


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