Membership Renewal Information

It’s almost time for your membership renewal. On February 1st the automated process for OF4WD membership renewal is set to run. What does this mean for you? If you’re an individual member you’ll be receiving an email with a link to renew your membership online. You simply have to follow the link to renew. If … read more

Ray’s Winter Wonderland 2016

Come on out and try some winter wheeling on some private trails! Highlights: Where: South Wind Motel & Campground When: Saturday, February 13 or Sunday, February 14, 2016 Drivers meeting: 9 am by the pool house at South Wind Motel & Campground Who: Event is limited to OF4WD members (max of 20 registered trucks) Cost: 4 non-perishable food items per person in your … read more

Website Maintenance Notice: January 18, 2016

Please note that our website is currently “frozen” for the next day or so. We’re in the middle of switching to a new host provider which requires some DNS changes. This means that new forum posts or comments on articles cannot be made. This does not impact you viewing the website or membership renewals.

January 2016 Board Meeting

The board of directors met for its January board meeting on Wednesday, January 13. Board members who partook in the meeting were Adrian Collison, Christopher Miles, Matt Mifsud, Peter Wood, Stephenie Blasko, Branden Jones, Christopher Allen, Evan Croskery, and John Hapla Philip. Raymond Prince was unable to attend due to work circumstances but provided notes … read more

Being Safe In The Winter

So, after many friends and other wheelers telling me that the number one best modification you could ever do is to get a daily driver I ended up getting one. I also figured I should get something that will handle a little better in the snow then a Jeep with big old mud tires on … read more

Individual Membership Renewals

For those members that are looking to renew their memberships this will give you an outline of the new process. With moving to our new website and membership system it has allowed us to automate the membership renewal taking some of the task away from our Membership Director. The first thing that you need to … read more

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