Reminder: 2015 Memberships and 2016 Renewals

One final reminder that as of 11:59 pm tonight, March 31, 2016, all 2015 memberships will expire. Individuals who have not yet renewed their membership for the 2016 membership year (April 1, 2016,  through March 31, 2017) will find that their membership will expire at midnight. To renew, please consult the following link: https://www.of4wd.com/membership-renewal-information/. Additionally, any new memberships between now … read more

2016 OF4WD Adopt-A-Road Clean Up

This year our annual Adopt-A-Road highway cleanup will be on Saturday, June 4. Every year we cleanup both sides of highway 507 for a 3 km stretch heading north from the intersection with highway 36. We rely on volunteers from the OF4WD to assist with this project that benefits the local community and brings awareness to … read more

Update on South Wind Trail System

As of March 11, 2016, the trails located at South Wind Motel & Campground are closed until May 1, 2016. The unseasonably warm weather has melted all the snow on the trail system and the trails are now thick mud. To avoid the degradation of the new trails with huge ruts Ray has made the decision … read more

Membership Renewals and the 2016 AGM

Just a quick note to let our members know that if you are renewing for the 2016 membership year (April 1, 2016, through March 31, 2017)  please try to renew before March 31, 2016, to ensure the timely delivery of your membership package. All memberships processed between January 1 through March 31, 2016, will be available for … read more

February 2016 Board Meeting

The board of directors met for its February board meeting on Wednesday, February 24. The ice and snow storm led to more persons than normal attending via a conference call. Board members present were Matt Mifsud and Peter Wood and board members who attended via conference call were Chris Allan, Chris Miles, Stephenie Blasko, Branden Jones,  … read more

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