Activities of the Board

As I started working on getting ready for this years AGM (finding a facility, checking AV and food requirements, etc) I started thinking that it might be a good time to reflect on what I have learned and seen over my last two years on the board.   The idea of my joining the board … read more

2019 AGM Notice

All Individual and Club members are invited to attend the Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive recreations Annual General Meeting on Sunday, March 31, at the Don Beer Arena community room in Pickering.  The Board of Directors will review the past year and discuss priorities for next year.  If you have questions, want to meet … read more

Mass and your 4×4

There comes a point when any off-road enthusiast is modifying their build where mass comes into play. For some 4×4 owners, it’s early on that the mass of their vehicle plays a part in their next modification decision.  For others, mass is not a consideration until farther down the line. … read more

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