Rejoin an OF4WD Member Club

Welcome to the OF4WD Club membership renewal page. This page is for members that have let their membership lapse.

If you have a CURRENT OF4WD membership , please log into the website, Click on the “Membership Menu” and then “Your Account” to access your renewal invoice. DO NOT USE the form below

If your membership has expired, please follow the instructions below to rejoin the OF4WD up as a club member.  Ensure that you enter your information as it was for your expired membership so that your old account will be located

Our membership period runs from January 1st until December 31st each year. If you sign up after the end of September you will be paying for the following membership year.

In order to receive the club member rate for the OF4WD you must have the Promo Code that was given to your club representative. Failure to input the promo code will result in you being charge the amount of an individual membership.

Under the items section you can purchase there is a box to input the promo code. Input the code provided by your club representative and click apply. Ensure that the amount is correct before proceeding.

Membership packages are generally mailed out within 45 days of a new member sign up or a renewal. This is because the reports are run once a month. Once the report is completed the documents and cards need to be printed, envelopes stuffed, postage applied and then sent in the mail.

Also please ensure that you’ve made any needed changes to your mailing address linked to your membership profile. You can accomplish this by logging into the website and going to your profile. Here there is a button to view/edit your profile.

As always if you have any issue please email membership@of4wd.com. We know that social media can be convenient but email is the best method for us to keep track of any issues that arise.

PLEASE NOTE: Enter the club name which you belong to in the Employer Box not your actual place of work. You just need to start typing the club name in full and a list will pop up


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