Toronto Sportsman Show

Toronto Sportsman Show


Education, Education, Education, is one of the OF4WD’s main corner stones.  The federation volunteers spend countless hours in educating people with in the 4 wheel drive community.  However many do not know about the time spent educating people and groups external to the 4 wheel drive community such as other trail user groups, general public, government organizations and youths.



Education of Non-four wheel drive trail users;

The OF4WD attends many public events such as the Toronto Sportmans Show, RPM Show, multiple dealership and club show and shines all with the purpose of educating the general public about the 4WD recreational sport.  Many people are not aware that this sport is going strong in the province of Ontario and how kidsimpeccable its safety record is.  With such a great record and easy access to public land trails people from all walks of life can enjoy this great past time.  Its a full family oriented sport, whether you are a young adult looking for some adventure, a retired individual or someone with accessibility concerns, the 4WD sport is for you.

Educating Government and other organizations is just as important.  Our volunteers attend many meetings revolving around trail use in this province where they consistently educate others about the sport.  The 4WD recreational sport isn’t what you see on TV with fast moving race machines, its a slow moving, safe, family oriented sport with thousands of people enjoying the beautiful public lands of Ontario.  In the same notion the federation discusses how we are addressing trail maintenance concerns, problematic areas, and what we are doing to prevent damage to the public lands.

Education of four wheel drive trail users, new and old;

DSC06941Education of people with-in the 4WD community is what we do best.  Our community is full of very knowledgeable people who dedicate their time to help others with in the sport.  Again, our community has people from every walk of life which brings an expansive experience range to draw from.

The Newbie Run & Offroad 101

The newbie run is one of the primary areas the federation and clubs target the new 4WD user.  Every year clubs and the federation organize trail ride days specifically for the new offroad trail user.  During this event new trail riders learn about legislation and laws revolving around the 4WD.  Safety equipment you should have, what you need to be prepared, recovery equipment, and common components of the 4WD vehicle.

IMG_1536If you would like to attend a NEWBIE RUN please visit our events calendar.  Registration for the runs generally open up one month before the event date.  Your donation to the event is greatly appreciated and helps the OF4WD continue to thrive in many initiatives around the province.

Offroad 101 courses are provided at the OF4WD CAMP NL

You can download a free digital copy of our Offroad 101 guide for your reference How_To_Offroad_Guide_101

Multimedia Education

In today’s society the multimedia world is exploding with new and wonderful ways of getting our message out.  The OF4WD utilizes social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to help guide and educate people in the community.  To be a part of one of these outlet sources simply go to the top of this page and click the relative outlet you like to use.  Its that simple

Education Development

Currently the OF4WD is developing a trail guide program for people wishing to learn more about teaching others how to offroad safely.

Development is also underway for an advanced course for those wishing to learn more about the sport and advanced techniques while offroading.

Stay tuned for more details

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