Travelling Along the Trail

Never travel alone on the trail

Never travel alone on the trail


Mentioned previously in other sections it is advised NEVER to wheel alone, always wheel with at least one other 4WD vehicle.  This is for added safety if you become broken down, require a recovery vehicle or become injured yourself.

When travelling in groups always keep a few simple rules in mind and always encourage others to do the same;

  • Keep an eye on the rear view for your fellow wheeler.  Always keep the person behind you with in sight, if they fall behind, slow down or stop and allow them to catch up.  It maybe necessary to call ahead on your CB and have the trail leader hold up.
  • Don’t follow to close.  Allow some space between the vehicles on the trail.  Following two close is dangerous for both vehicles.  Further more you as the driver won’t be able to see the trail tread ahead of you if the other vehicle is covering your sight line
  • Always pull far right when stopping on the trail.  Enough to allow another vehicle to pass you on the left
  • Always be courteous to other users (See multi-use trail groups)
  • Whilst we encourage you not to head out on the trails alone, we also suggest limiting  the number of vehicles in your group to no more than 10. This goes some way to limiting trail impact and  also helps avoid potential negative interaction with other trail users and land owners. Staging and managing a large number of vehicles takes more space and time.
  • Tread Lightly always
  • If you see garbage pick it up, don’t leave anything behind, including people.

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