Newbie Runs

A bow wave ahead of the vehicle

Generally speaking the federation runs four newbie runs throughout the 4WD season. This event is focused on the new wheeler who has never attended the newbie run before. Perhaps you have never even used the 4WD option on your vehicle. This event is for you!

Trail guides will walk you through a typical day of trail riding where we discuss everything from;

  • vehicle options and differences
  • proper land use and trail behaviorsa bow wave ahead of the vehicle
  • how to use your vehicle off-road
  • tire pressures
  • how to engage the 4WD
  • How and why we drive around, over or through obstacles\
  • How to safely navigate the trail
  • What to do when your stuck
  • What to do when the day is done

Keep an eye out on the website, facebook pages for registration details.

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