First Joint Trail Riding Event

Trail riding throughout Ontario is without a doubt booming on all fronts. Whether you ride an ATV, Dirt Bike, 4WD or a Snowmobile the sport of trail riding has something for everyone and is a great way to spend a weekend or an evening with family and friends.

The question is, can we be friends and co-exist on the same trails with people who ride a different machine from ourselves?

Massive Storm from 2011

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!!

The five points trail system outside of Bobcaygeon Ontario is a prime example where riders all work together for a common goal of a superior trail system. It was only three years ago that all the organizations appeared to work separately from each other butting heads from time to time and working in different directions. After a huge decimating storm in 2011 it was very apparent that not one organization could cope with such a disaster and that something had to change if we were ever going to get our trails back up and running. Through well executed team work between Kawartha ATV Association (KATVA), Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club (TMSC), Halliburton ATV Association (HATVA) and the Ontario Federation of 4 Wheel Drive (OF4WD) the trail system was placed back in service after two weekends of hard work. An astonishing effort to say the least.

Realizing the amazing work completed by the groups and the efficiency of working together we are enjoying the fruits of our labour today with consistent and open communication. Through annual meetings and frequent emails during the year, maintenance issues are dealt with swiftly allowing all the riders to enjoy the trails to their full potential.

The Kawartha Kinsmen Toy Drive

Over the years the organizations members have gotten to know one another fairly well and the idea was brought fourth to organize a joint ride where everyone could come and ride together regardless of vehicle. On September 7th 2013 the first ever, to our knowledge, joint ride event took place where members from around the province joined in for a single day of trail riding in support of the Kawartha Kinsmen Toy Drive.

ATV’s & 4WD’s hitting the trails

Arriving at 8:30am at the TMSC club house the participants gathered side by side with cash and toy donations in hand. After a short introduction and welcome message everyone broke off into smaller groups mixed with ATV’s and 4WD’s and headed out onto the trails for an excellent day of off-roading despite the shotty weather. Watching the ATV’s and 4WD’s traverse the trail it was incredible to see the differences and the similarities all at the same time.

Smiles on everyone’s faces and some friendly banter between who had the more comfortable ride and who was tougher than the other the groups made their way back to the club house.

Riders look on as others are playing on near by rocks while taking a break

Dismounting their vehicles after a short day of riding the air was filled with the aroma of BBQ sausage and chicken cooking away by the KATVA volunteers. Oh Boy, this is gonna be good!!! Assembling around the KATVA trailer and TMSC club house the participants shared stories of the day laughing and kidding around. Martin and Mark from GoRiding magazine and TV were on hand through-out the trail ride and conducted video interviews with organizers and participants to capture the day’s events. Carolyn Richards, KATVA VP, and Brian Sibbles, Exec. Dir. OF4WD, said a few words in thanks for attending and presented the Kawartha Kinsmen Club with over 35 different Toy Items and $1045.00 in cash. Absolutely beyond anyone’s expectations the donation was over the top and shows the true generosity of the organizations members.

GoRiding Magazine and TV conducting interviews

Kinsmen Rep with Carolyn of KATVA and Brian of OF4WD


Lunch was served following the presentation and despite there being over 85 people around the silence was deafening as people chowed down on an excellent spread put out by KATVA. As the stomachs moaned and groaned in happiness people carried on conversing and eventually one by the one the TMSC yard emptied out completing the day of joint riding.

So I’ll leave you with this question once again. Can we co-exist on the trails and be friends and buddies regardless of what we ride?

Stay tuned to any of the organizations websites for next year’s dates and join us in the fun of our great sports

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