July 18th 2015 Newbie Run

Are you new to off-roading? Do you have no experience? Do you not have anyone to show you the ropes?

If you answered yes to any of the questions join the Sheppard run July 18th 2015! Grizzled veterans need not apply!

This is a no pressure guided run for up to 30 new OF4WD driver’s through the beautiful five points trail system. At 8 am participants meet at the Tim Hortons in Bobcaygeon for a morning cup of joe and a little off-road ground school. An hour later we will depart for the trails.

This is a one day event. A $25 donation is requested to offset the cost of the event. Passengers are welcome. You will be responsible for your own food and fuel.

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2 responses to “July 18th 2015 Newbie Run”

  1. Kevin says:

    Hey OF4WD

    Love the new website…regarding the newbie run, I am sure you get this query lots of times…but if any space can I make the run too? I am not a Grizzled veteran and not a newbie. Eric has done tons of mods to my rig and it would be a great vehicle to show off mods for the trail, his Cherokee is awesome but I have a 2008 JKU and most on the newbie run would be running JK’s I am guessing. I hope to have new shocks, springs and balljoints next week (all done by Eric). Anywho, thought I would ask.

    Kevin Stevens

  2. Kim Sibbles says:

    If you haven’t been on the newbie run before and are fairly new to the sport you are welcome to come. Even though you have done some upgrades there is always something new to learn.

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