Forest Mountain Maintenance Initiative

Forest mountain trail located near Bobcaygeon Ontario is without a doubt one of Ontario’s top 10 trails. Technical and rocky, this trail challenges the driver and vehicle to the highest level at every corner. Over the last few years its popularity as a scenic lookout point in the winter used by the snowmobile clubs and a challenging fun trail for the ATV’s and 4WD’s the trail has sustained some degradation. Another point noted are the actions of some individuals straying off the trail in search of new rock climbs or more challenging locations. This is not condoned and will eventually lead to a trail closure which is completely preventable if we act now.

In late fall of 2013 OF4WD representatives met with the land tech from the MNR on the trail to discuss the issues at hand and come to a conclusion of how to repair or eliminate the actions occurring on the trail.

A plan was developed and approved over the following year to establish an educational component and minor repairs on the trail. This includes a signage initiative to assist the vehicle operator in choosing their path throughout the trail.

In Spring of 2015, Autoworks Offroad, located in Oshawa Ontario, approached the OF4WD asking for a suggestion on how to help the federation beyond their normal sponsorship duties and to promote their new product line. Autoworks Offroad is now a full on parts supplier for 4WD components such as tires, lift kits or anything else you need for your rig servicing the eastern GTA. A great news story for people living east of the GTA as part supplies were few and far between, a welcomed addition to the area.

A month long raffle was held for a brand new Warn winch which raised over $1500 for the federation. Autoworks owner Paul Hamilton stated that he would like to see the money go to trail maintenance use, so the decision was made to use the funds to help one of his personal favorite trails, Forest mountain.

Before we continue on about the project, the board of directors would like to thank Autoworks off-road and its employees for a job well done in selling tickets and giving away an excellent prize. The prize winner was announced in May 2015, if you see Rick Smith, make sure you check out his awesome new winch provided to him by Autoworks Offroad.

Forest mountain project 2015 will be looking for volunteers to assist in the work along the trail for October 31st 2015. If you want to be a part of history in the making as we venture into this new initiative with the MNR please send an email to trails@of4wd.com.

The plan is to repair one spot from further erosion due to water runoff and install approximately 20 directional signs for the user groups. Two educational and information boards will be added at the base of the mountain for users to read and understand the trail use objective.

If you have a line on sign posts, printing of signs or lumber building supplies and would like to donate some material or time please send an email to briansibbles@of4wd.com We look forward to working with everyone on this project and protecting our trails for years to come.

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