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Don Maker

I was down at Long Point yesterday and checked out a couple of unassumed roads. Here are couple of pics and some youtube video.

The 4th Concession ( the one in the videos ) is shorter, but rougher ground. The other one is much longer and is sandy, almost like a beach. There are many multiuse trails that connect to that road, so you often see quite a few off road vehicles bringing their dirt bikes to the area. That one is Concession Rd 6, I believe. Just north of Hwy 24. Concession Rd 6 can be accessed from either Forestry Farm Rd or East Quarterline. Concession Rd 4 is accessed via East Quarterline as well.

The 4th concession gets seriously muddy after a decent rainfall and is a popular spot with local off road enthusiasts. Make sure you have your straps, the mud gets really thick and greasy on this road. The two photos are Concession Rd6. The videos are the 4th Concession.

These are not really worth a long drive or anything, but can be kind of fun if you happen to be in the area. Especially after a rain. I took my father-in-law out for a ride on the 4th concession. I got a fair bit of mud on my TH. It took $20 and 20 minutes in the coin op to get the mud (that I could see) off of it this morning.



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