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Hi Kevin,
I just did the May Newbie Run. Learnt a lot!
I do have 33s on my FJ and I felt comfortable on the 2 rated trails we did. I did have the occasional doubts in some spots, for my less well endowed Newbie companions 😉 with their stock tires but everyone made it thru okay. These OF4WD folks know their stuff and I totally will defer to their word on this. If you’re determined to go it alone, start with a 1 or 1+ just to get the feel of it. There will always be the 2s out there. We were told it’s better to go on weekends, that way you’re more likely to encounter someone to give you assistance. A weekday outing might mean a long wait for the weekenders!
About this forum…From my observations, it’s not as frequented as others are like club ones might be. So don’t expect timely responses. It may take even a day or two to get one.
Good luck on the trails.

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