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Raymond Prince


I have to agree with Mark. If you’re new like you say then I wouldn’t venture too far from the pavement without a couple more people. This can change quickly in very little time. We ended up having to tow a jeep off the trail on the weekend. If you had asked me if this was a possibility on a newbie run I would have told you no way. We also turned part of the group around so that we didn’t have any other issues with the water we were trying to cross. It wasn’t worth the risk of having other jeep problems.

Trials that are rated a 2 or 2+ on the trail index can quickly change to higher ratings due to water and other ruts that may have not been reported to the OF4WD and therefore the trail index would not reflect the current conditions.

There are a couple of things that are coming up in the near future. This weekend is the Wylde Cat Run in Bobcaygeon. This is a charity event. The other thing is an members event that the London & Area Jeep Owners Club puts on. They do allow a few guests to attend for a nominal fee. If you’d like more information on either of these events please email me at raymond.prince@of4wd.com

Raymond Prince
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