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Darlene Sine

On November 6th, we hosted our Two Scoops Year End Season Finale Sundae Run and it surely ended with a bang! It was a fantastic run overall. So many smiles from many new jeepers makes it all worth it. It was great to meet many new friends and reconnect with old ones. There has been a ton of pictures shared as well for all to enjoy. Even those who were not able to make it. At the lunch stop, Trail Dog Rick’s sausages and hot dogs were a big hit with everyone, including the 4 legged friends. It was great to see others add what snacks they had to the lunch table and yes, coffee will now be a must have on the trail. We are hoping to have perked coffee for next years run so we don’t have to wait for the water to boil. LOL
However, the best part of the whole run, is how very generous everyone was. I had asked participants to bring crib sheets or $15 towards the purchase of crib sheets and what was the total?

WE RAISED AN AMAZING $320!!! We also received the donations of wipes, diapers, bottles etc., pictured below. Again, this community is very generous and giving! Rose of Durham will be ecstatic!

I will soon be posting a date for the drop off to Rose of Durham. If you would like to attend for the drop off and pictures, please shoot me a message. The drop off will likely be a Thursday or Friday, near end of day, near end of November. Lastly, I would like to appologize for the lateness of my posting. Work has been very demanding of my time as of late and after the run Sunday, I was absolutely zonked! LOL Thank you again everyone for your generosity!

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