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(– by MotoSoul #6593 –)

I would imagine it is going to delay us a bit. There was a picture of a house on bobcaygeon road in Minden with 6 inches of water surrounding it in the globe today. Even a trail like "Scotchline" aka Minden hydro line which has solid bottoms to its water holes is going to be treacherous right now. I would imagine the Creek crossing right after the out house and the long crossing in the marsh would be pushing the limits of a stock is jeep.

If someone lives up towards Minden it would definitely be great if they could walk a little bit of the trails off of bass lake.

If the weather let's up a few of us from the koolkats are going to check on the Bobcaygeon trails to check on some things for the ATV groups the first weekend of May. If the forecast holds and it continues to rain we will postpone even that run as water levels that far south are going to be high as well.

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