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Hey Moddz

  Not sure who said that, but I can assure you that Ardbeg has never been, nor will it ever be one of the Camp NL trails…. unless we move the event up to Parry Sound and downsize it significantly… (not gonna happen). All the trails we run for the event are in the general areas of Bob, Minden and Canarvon, and should be an hours drive at the most for a slow rig to the farthest trails. Your rig is street legal, you're only trailering it to the event to avoid taking out a second mortgage on gas and tires to get there and back, you'll be fine driving to the trails from base camp. We do have some guys who will trailer their rigs to the harder trails up around Canarvon but that's because their rigs are strictly trail rigs only, not road legal… and there is a good chance they would need a trailer to get back anyways.

As for the trails, we list a description of them, along with a difficulty rating and recommended equipment on the sign up sheets, and we always have a few seasoned trail guides sitting at the tables to answer questions and offer trail advice.

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