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Hi Serge, welcome to the forum.

We can certainly give you some suggestions/ recommendations based on our own experience and feedback, but it would help to know a few more details such as vehicle model and how often you'll be needing it (in the case of the GPS and winch).

As for preferred CB's, that's a loaded question for which you'll get many answers. I personally use the Uniden Pro 510xl ($75-80) and the Pro 520xl ($80-90) and they've worked great for me. They are small enough to be put about anywhere, I've had the 510 stuffed between the passenger seat and the center console of my TJ for years, and have the 520 custom mounted in the Cherokee underneath a single DIN Alpine radio inn the dash. The 520xl offers a PA output and RF Gain control over the 510 and is worth the extra few pennies. As for antennas, do you want a permanent fixed mount (best) or a temporary magnet mount?  I'm running an 8ft whip mounted on my swing out tire carrier and it always works well, you just need to make sure it has a good ground. If you often find yourself driving into underground or covered parking a tall whip probably isn't for you. A lot of guys will run a 4ft Firestick which also work well as long as it has good clearance of the roof. My Cherokee came with one bolted to the back tailgate at the bottom so most of the antenna was blocked by the vehicle body. If you were behind it you'd hear me fine, if you were in front you had to be within 150 ft. If your running a basically stock TJ I'd look at mounting off of the rear tire carrier and make sure you have a good consistent ground, don't rely on it to ground through the tailgate hinges (ever notice Chrysler runs a separate ground back to the vehicle chassis for the third brake light? They know the hinges are a poor ground). I'm sure some others will chime in with their personal preferences too, just remember it doesn't matter how much you spend on a CB, it's all a waste of money unless you take the time to get it matched (tuned) to the antenna once it's on your rig.

As for GPS, I know of some who have hacked their Nuvi's to work ok offroad, but most guys are running something meant for portable exploring such as the Garmin CS60x or the new Montana. If it's going to be used 90% of the time on city streets then maybe a modified Nuvi would be best as it has the larger easier to read screen, but you will lose some of the key features for offroad tracking unless you have it hacked.

To give you the best guidance and deals on equipment, I'd give Radioworld a call at 416-667-1000 and ask for Leo the sales manager. Radioworld is an OF4WD supporter so make sure you tell him you're a current OF4WD member and they will help guide you with the right options, and our members get discounts on equipment and accessories. Hard to go wrong.

As for the winch, that's a loaded question, there are some who will tell you that Warn is the only winch worthy of their bumper, others will swear by their lower cost imported winches, which have gotten a lot better over the last couple of years. Warn is one of the oldest winch companies out there and they've earned the reputation they have as the top manufacturer. The key thing you need to ask yourself is how often are you going to use it? If it's a dedicated trail rig or gets used all season long, it can be easier to justify the more expensive Warn models that come with a lifetime warranty, but know you have to read the fine print. That warranty only covers the mechanicals of the winch, not the motor or electronics. If its for just occasional use, maybe a couple of times a season, then the lower cost "offshore" winches may be a wiser choice for you, even Warn now has a lower cost entry level series of winches made in China. Personally I have a 12,000lb Titan winch on my TJ which has got to be about 5-6 years old now. It's gotten a lot of use, I've had it loaded right down pulling a full tube buggy on Rockwells up a slope without a problem, and it's never failed me yet. It's been a great purchase.

The key question is how often will you use it, how will you use it, and what is your budget? There are more great and affordable option out there than ever before, just make sure you pick up something rated for 8000lbs minimum. Just about everyone of our sponsors sells a variety of winches to fit every need and most budgets, call around and don't forget to tell them your a current member for the best pricing.

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