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(– by Raymond #6340 –)

I use the Cobra 75 wx st Cb in my TJ. I like it because the box of it hides behind the dash and then you just mount the connector through somewhere and plug in the mic. All the controls are on the mic.

I run a whip antenna that's mounted off my aftermarket tire carrier but the only differance that I have is I also use a quick disconnet. It was recommended to use a spring to get the little bit extra length as is make tuning easier but the whip antenna already moves aruond so much that I didn't want to use a spring. The quick disconnect is also nice on any size antenna for those times when you want to go into a parking garage or just put the jeep in your own garage.

As for GPS as it's been mentioned the Garmin 60CXS or the montana are good choices. The nuvi series is more of an on road GPS.

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