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(– by sibbles #2090 –)

Hey Sibbles,
    Yes, that was me and although my wife and I were in the area we were unsure if we actually found the Crystal Lake trail as our GPS was giving us a hard time and we were unfamiliar with the area.  If we were in the right area we did not find any trees down during our adventures although we had our chainsaw at the ready.  We will hopefully be buying a new GPS this week or finding out what went wrong and we will re-explore the area again and I will promise to make a report next time with accurate info; too much guessing this time to make an informed update.

fair enough Josh, you can disregard my other post there.

When you entered the trail did you cross an underwater bridge of rock after you got off the access road?  After the water crossing you go up the hill where there is alot of rock and drive past the camp sites on the left over looking the lake?

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