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An unlimited JK, at any trim level, can make for a great daily driver that you can use to explore on the weekends. What you're describing in terms of trails does exist – something like Old Logging Road would be a great choice for a stock Sahara. There are plenty of gravel roads in, and there's nothing too extreme on the trail, but you can get the experience it sounds like you are looking for. Old Logging Road is a trail I wouldn't hesitate to take a stock 4×4 on.

Most of the 1-2 or even 2+ rated trails in the index should fit this description. From the GTA, a trip to the Kawarthas or Haliburton to run an easy trail or two, followed by dinner somewhere along the way home makes for a good day trip and is very family friendly.

Remember to never go alone though – keep in mind that you can end up in some pretty remote areas, and having assistance available is an important safety consideration.

Oh, and BTW a 30" tire isn't very big. I would bet that the Sahara comes with a tire 30" tall stock.

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