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I agree with Brian. Eat, Sleep, Wheel.

You may be the only full size pick up. But we have had lone hummers before.

You won't have a problem with most of the trails.

The only only requirements for your truck would be having a transfer case with 4 low range and tow hooks front and rear.

It's a great event. There is currently only 4 spots left for registration.

And Brian is correct….come to Trailfest then come out to Camp NL 2 weeks later.

I have 4 low, as well as front and rear tow hooks, that's not an issue.  The truck is lifted 2" for now and although I plan on getting a 6" lift, I don't think I'll have that done by the time TF rolls around. 

Never heard of Camp NL until just now.  Maybe I'll look into going to that as well.  Is it basically the same thing just with different trails?  All Jeeps again?  Nothing against Jeeps of course, but it would be nice to go through some trails with some other trucks.

Maybe I'll try to make both.  I would like to put the new tires to work. 

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