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I have an 08 Sahara Unlimited with the auto and 3:73's.

The 07 through to 2011 all share the same motor, the 3.8L. The 07, 08 and some 09's are very well know excessive oil burners. Some are fixed with PCV replacement and or running a thicker oil, such as 5W30. However the extream cases are those with rings installed wrong. Some owners that don't check their oil at every fill have spun bearings. Then there are others that never use any oil!?? Some of us have had either motors replaced or re-built under warranty. (I was one of those)

It might be hard to tell if a pre-owned vehical is an oil burner…maintenance logs, inspect PCV and throttle body maybe?

The very early 07's had D35 in the rear vs the new generation D44.

Reports of Ball joints wearing out quickly even with stock tires.

SOme had a clunk in the stearing, proper lube of the sector shaft fix's that.

I've heard of some guys having cracked intake manafold.

The 0.50cent plastic bushing on either end of the T-case linkage was a great way for the bean counters to save millions I'm sure, but it's a PIA for us….Zip ties fix's that, or Advance Adapters makes a replacement kit.

The auto tranny cooler is waaaay to small, it's intigrated into the AC condenser. In a heavy two, or 4-Wheel High condition Jeep's fix is to give you a 'HOT OIL" warning on the dash. The better fix is aux tranny cooler, the MOPAR kit is a very nice kit that is plug and play and fix's that issue.

There are many spring varations depending on 2 or 4 door, tow or no tow.

The 6 speed mannies will sometimes kick out of 1st gear…I hear there's a fix for that. (no experience I have the 42RLE auto)

That's what comes to the top of my mind.

Oil burner was my biggest issue, but warranty fix that, I love my 08, it's part of the family, it's not going any where. Never let me down, runs smoooth.

Good luck in the search!!

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