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Oh, My report on my New Mickey Thompson Baja STZ tires:
though i don't know how to really rate them, I believe they did great job out there. and my buddy has the BF AT KO's and looking at both tread patterns, my stz blocks and channeling was pretty aggressive and size of the spacing/channeling is same or even ever so slightly wider compared to the BF's …
and after going thru same trails, it seemed that my tires self cleaned better… but I'm not 100% on this, just brief observation…so not saying they're more aggressive or better than the Bf's but they do seem to be very aggressive and actauly maybe an option for someone who wants a decent everyday tire on their jeep and still reasonable off road abilities…they would for sure be better performing on the streets than the BF's…
of course they'll not be good for deep mud and real hard core offroading like a MT tire, but better than the average AT tire……for sure… and should be just very similar to the BF's abilities…. these are more aggressive then I need on my Santa Fe, for sure, hopefully this will better my snow driving as well….
And pushing on the blocks, the outer blocks are hard and the inner ones are softer…..I guess this is for better grip and  cornering and inner ones being softer may help for better grip in the everyday driving areas…? I think…
I believe these tires come in LT sizes and extra plies and all…
see attached link to Mickeys website..




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