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(– by peterw #2012 –)

There is a land dispute going on there … the land owner is even trying to restrict other local cottagers from using the roadway that crosses his land for them to get to theres … a roadway that these other cottagers have been using for 20 years.  A friend of mine is one of those other cottagers, he told me that this landowner is fighting with the township who is insisting he cannot gate it off (locked gate) because it's also a fire route.

I had good conversation with your contact. It seems they are in process of Discovery. Once they have all relevant title/historical use info, further court action may result. However, it seems there may be a bypass that could be improved for everyone's access. Cottagers did not see it as an option as they estimated many $10ks… ~$80k to fix for car access. However as a fallback, with OF4WD and OFSC manpower and equip't could may be "improved" for everyone's use for much much less. If we can do this as part of an agreement then there would be significant long term benefits. Saying that however, not good to let bullies put up illegal gates. If it is deemed legal access that should be opened for public access/fire route etc. then good case for municipality to have gates removed. We will know more after discovery.

Seems the guy who may be responsible for putting the gate up may not be the most reasonable of chaps … based on conversation with another local official.

I will follow up further to see if any info could help your friend.

If it was Crown land then MNR would take action.

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