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(– by sibbles #2090 –)

If we are not to be associated with drunk people whom liter and trespass using their 4X4 trucks then we better all sell our rigs and find another hobby. We have complaints all the time about stuff like this all over the province. One main area would be Bobcaygeon where they have many issues with locals causing problems on the trails, however due to the hard of work of so many in this community we have come above the clouds and fog to shine and show that we, members of the OF4WD are not those people nor do we condone that type of activity. We have to work together to forming an image of what proper off-roaders really are even though we take a bunch of flack. We persevere and it eventually comes around to us where people are now seeing us in a different light and including us in trail maintenance work, trail signage and funding events. Other areas of the province are starting to see this vision, while this area is not quite on board yet I think we should still push in that direction.

As a last ditch effort I have called both the Snowmobile clubs to offer assistance and joint forces. If this is not received well then we will re-consider this entire initiative.

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