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(– by whateverworks #5191 –)

Durham 4×4 has stepped away from the November 3, 2012 clean up of Boundary Road.

There were many variables toward the desision to pull out of the Boundary Road Clean Up.

When we had our coffee meet on Wednesday evening we all gathered around to listen to the information I was recieving from the townships and city works department as well as the DRPS.

In the past there has been a lot of illegal activity in the area, stolen cars, burned cars, people under the influence as well as trespassing onto private property.

We at Durham 4×4 do not condone any of this and when it came to discussion it was concluded in a vote with the members that were at the coffee meet that we did not want to be associated with these people.

Since we did the East Cross Forest clean up in 2007, it was decided by most people at the time that we would just stay away from there so that we are not lumped into the 1% or so who still frequent the area.

We are not discouraging any individuals who would be willing to help out with this endeavour. There fore we will leave it up to each person to deside for them selves if they want to volunteer to help out or not.


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