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(– by Morpheus #5630 –)

I've ordered the NAPA spray bomb's too, they work very well, and it's good quality automotive paint that they colour mix right on the spot for you just like a body shop does.

The water based paint that Brian mentioned is the new standard in paint.  All cars in recent years have been mandated (EPA regulations) to be painted with water based paint.
That's why you hear of people complaining all the time that their paint is "softer" than their older car, or stone chips are more prevalent now than in the past.  It's because of the paint.

I'm not aware if the rules cover colour match spray, but it might, knowing what Brian said above, it might be, but to my knowledge, the paint isn't any more "expensive" than the old paints, sounds like one store just trying to capatalize, I would shop around.

Alternatively, you can buy real paint right from a bodyshop, and purchase a low pressure spray gun from cantire etc..
trick with that is making sure you don't have any water vapour in your air lines when you spray.

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