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(– by peterw #2012 –)

Found this on a motorcycle forum. I live 2 hours away. Maybe someone in the area could check it out?  ???

Swift Rapids road which leads north up to the Swift Rapids Lock 43 on the Severn River. This road is about 15 kms long and I had to do over half of it in first gear. You can find it on a detailed South Central Ontario Backroads Map. The start of it can be found by drawing a line from Coldwater on Hwy. 12 over to Port Stanton on Sparrow Lake. About halfway in between is the hamlet of Burnside. The road leading north at this point is called Carlyon Line but soon becomes the Swift Rapids Road. From Hwy 400 take exit 136, go along Stage Coach Road, pick up Foxmead Road over to Carlyon then turn left at the intersection of Foxmead and Carlyon. The first few kilometers are pretty smooth. After you pass Jermey Road, you will reach a “staging area."

Keep the greasy side down. 8)
Hope I posted this in the right place

Swampers 4×4 – thank you very much indeed for cleaning up this area. Another great example of responsible 4×4 club.

Bit of background with regard to Swift Rapids and trails in Simcoe County – back in 2006 we tried to be recognized as one of the recognized motorized trails groups. Unfortunately we were rather late to the table  and the Simcoe County Forest Recreation Policy was already approved. Apparently 4×4 community (?) were consulted previously – actually some 4×4 club member who had dealings with Simcoe County who suggested no interest from 4×4 communit was the extent of their consultation. Anyway, hearing this I protested and Forester agreed to try and re-open the policy for 4×4 inclusion with advisory committee. PLease see attached letter and rec policy. Bottom line is we needed to provide solid case showing trail maintenance program and trail patrols. I did try to approach local 4×4 community for support on this. Whilst there was some interest, there was not enough capacity to hope to carry this through to viable proposal.
Anyway, as part of these discussions with Forester, Swift Rapids did come up and Forester cited this as a problem area mentioning that his staff could not get down sections with their vehicles due to rutting.
Also, I believe this area has hit the newspapers a few times re local opposition to 4×4.

I would be interested in hearing more recent activity/info if anyone can help ? If so, please email me.

Thanks !

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