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It's a shame that someone actually blamed the tires for a persons negligence. So I guess a 40" or 37" tire can not do any damage. That same thing could have happened with 35" and some genius would limit everyone to stock tires, no lockers and 100 hp max. Maybe even a tread limit say no mud tires A/T only. Where do you stop. It's like banning hand guns because they kill people. People kill people. Anyways hope for the rest of your sake some moron doesn't burn up the grass with his stock Santa Fe.

actually, I think we have had that compliant as well.  Santa fea was noticed hammering through mud holes and driving crazy know bass lake road.  lol.  it doesn't matter, if the vehicle has mud on it they complain to us, straight up.

??? What's with the name calling Moddz  ??? Why am I a moron for having fun on those trails with my Santa Fe ?
And I wasn't driving crazy or being unsafe or nothing like that.. even stopped to chat and wave high to others. I was going slow and careful as I'm suppose too, as per safe trailing guidelines.

How about a little respect for having the guts to take my Santa Fe in there an giver a go…. I stayed on level 2 trails to be smart.
I even bought some Bad Ass Mickey Thompson All Terrain Tires for better traction.. and of which my research would suggest they're better overall tire (for On/Off road combination) than the BF AT KO's… and I'd recommend.

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