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I agree and would not attempt a trail clearly to tight for my rig. In this case that can not be the reason for the limit. I know this because there are videos on you tube from previous years at Trailfest showing the trails and showing a huge red Hummer wagon on the trails following Jeeps and smaller trucks. Never at any point having to stop because of the trail too tight. There are not many 4x4s larger in dimensions than the first gen Hummer. If this can navigate the trails at Trailfest EVERYTHING else should be fine. I have sent an email to the address on the web site in the contacts section. This email asks why we can not attend. 2 weeks have gone by with no reply. I sent another email to the same address from a different address asking a general question and got a reply in 2 days. Should I ask again? Surly it can't hurt to ask.

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