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(– by Bad Karma #5647 –)

mounted a electric fan from a 1999 Mercury Cougar (dual) to the rad.  looks and fits perfect!!!
tired to install the rad and grill on the frame… TIRED… didnt fit. :banghead: The steering box mount on  my TDK frame is too high and too far back. :banghead:  Hydraulic hoses hit bottom of the radiator.  could have put a body lift in to clear the hoses, but that would have been stupid. :crazy:  so i had to do the next best thing… cut the steering box mount off of my galvanized TDK frame and move the box ahead and down. :banghead: (did that today. just have to finalize the position and weld the mount back on)

on the plus side, the grill and hood are back on.  I put my black Scrambler decal on the hood.  Starting to look like a Jeep again.  Too bad when I get one step ahead I have to take that step off and go 3 steps back and start again… theres alot more of that coming too…

Pics either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon…

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