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O.k. so it's been two fall/winters seasons that I've had these tires on, and so far, I love them.  They handled the winter we've had great (and last one too). On road, they seem very good overall as well, for handling dry/wet conditions.  In rain, if I hit the peddle, they skip/slip once and then grip and pull you. Not same as sport summer tire, of course, but good enough.
And off roading, from videos I posted over a year ago, some of the muddy and steep climbs on grassy/hard dirt, and rocky type hills (from two different areas), I made it up nice and smooth with no slipping. I'd like to think it was the tires as much as the awd lock.
They are more noisy and less fuel economy (over my OE all seasons), but comfort, I think is o.k… oh, wear is great…approx. 30K kms on them and still have most of the tread… I suspect at least 75%. They'll reach 80K rating easy…and they only cost me $890 (245/65/17) out the door and down the road…

Overall great tire for someone who wants an A/T tire over a M/T tire.

Oh, if looking for tires in GTA, best prices around at this place: http://simplytire.com/
He out beat 3 other guys for my Mickey Thompsons, by at least $40/tire…

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