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(– by Colt #7288 –)

I've read how many swear by their BF AT KO's… but their not good for my use… remember I'll be putting on a Santa Fe… so I need overall performing tire, with some decent off road abilities..

Also, the BF AT KO are poorer performing in most other driving conditions that one will use, if putting on their everyday driver….
I, just last night, found this tire test review..of which is not complete, as they're adding more results from different type of conditions, and adding results to the website as they're getting around to it….
And this test is showing the Hankooks (above in OP) out doing the BF's… and even on hill climbing… and of course they'll be better for paved dry/wet braking/handling performance.. but these hankooks are not 3 ply in my size, but would likely be 6- 10 ply in your trucks size…
see this link and decide for yourself, if a better choice for your next tire…of course, not a good choice for the extreme off roading you guys do..but for drivers on their daily car…


And I've stumbled on a rumor of another magazine that did an AT tire shootout of 15 tires models, and the BF At KO' are 14th place… I'm trying to find these results for my reference…. If I find, I'll post link here as well.

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