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(– by Colt #7288 –)

I really don't mean to come across as a know it all or jerk … but I know what I know about the BFG's from experience …. 6yrs of driving on them and ALL driving conditions. 

I got nothing more to add.

No, you're not coming across like that at all.. and I appreciate your feedback…..if anything, I'm coming across like that.. and don't mean to… it just that the last couple of months, I've searched and read countless tire review, etc…. and I'v come to understand tires very well.. i should open up shop.. haha… this is how I've narrowed the list… but I was hoping to get feedback from real people on hear to finalize my choice…

Re: the BF's, I know they're pretty cool tires for off roading.. my buddy has them on his mercedes suv and loves them too…I'd recommend then to some one with jeep who does what you guys do on regular basis.
I'm only saying, that for my specific use, being very high % street use and occasional lighter off roading, there's other options that will be better for everyday performance and still ok. for the minor off road, and that's what I'm looking for… The BF's are great for driver who puts the off road capabilities a head of the other aspects for his use and desires..and is happy with that…

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