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(– by Colt #7288 –)

O.K. I'm here updating that I'm a bit of an idiot 🙁

I mentioned my A/T tires are this and that, and lower fuel economy was noticed….. Well, I take that back.. they're likely little less than the OE tires, but not much.
So, why the change… it dawned on me just over a week ago that I somehow keep forgetting to buy a K & N filter cleaning kit, and I haven't cleaned the filter in over 60,000kms… DAH !!!  soon as I did, fuel economy thingy dropped 1L / 100kms.. maybe even more… I reset (which I shouldn't have) and will have to drive little longer to re-register ongoing average..but it's better for sure…. Air is important !

So, the lesson for the children is, MAINTENANCE IS IMPORTANT !!! Clean your K & N filters or don't be cheap to change every 20,000 kms or whatever interval is appropriate… forgetting to buy the $15 kit, probably cost me few hunderd $$$ over last year and half… 🙁

thumbs up to Mickey's for decent rolling resistance…. mind you, engine also gets better mileage when really broken in…..

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