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(– by Raymond #6340 –)

How strict are the rules for standard equipment? Do you need a dual speed transfer case and front/rear tow hooks?

I have an AWD SX4 with 28" A/T's, 2.5" lift, locking center diff, front/rear skid plates, rear tow hitch with tow points (I realize they aren't official tow points but they've taken a beating so far), and the stock front tow hooks. Just looking to find the limits of the car in a controlled environment and learn some technique. Are any trails easy enough for a rig like mine?

The rules for standard equipment  are pretty strict. There is a vehicle inspection prior to any vehicle going on the trails and a vehicle can be refused entry at that point. From what you've said it would appear that you have no low gear option on your transfer case and that is one of the main requirements for the trails at this event. The trails are probably also not easy enough for you to get through with your SX4.

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