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I got a smoking deal on my warn, it's a matter of picking the winch you want and keeping an eye out for one to pop up for a good price on the used market.  (mine was second hand but still in the box) Duncan has a great product with great support, and I've seen just about every brand of winch fail at one time or another in the past couple of years. 

2 titan's on one trail
a titan and a champion on another (although the titan may have been an install/hookup issue)
a warn 9500ti on it's first pull after being spooled, and a champion right before.
superwinch and a riva another day.  point is I hedged my bets with my M10000 however I won't trust it enough to go out alone, there isn't always a tree handy where you need it and again it could drop at any time.  If you are worried about weight get one with synthetic line or factor that upgrade into your price.  Unless you are looking at the big winches most of the imports and smaller warns are going to be near enough to the same weight as to make no difference.  Synthetic line though can save you a large portion of the winches total weight, plus all the other bonuses that go with it.  Safer if it snaps, floats, no metal splinters, can be handled without gloves, won't scratch the truck if you touch the paint with it, doesn't rust.  If you are running a JK I would look at the warn M8000 as a MINIMUM starting point and lean toward the 9500's, if an import is more your price point start and 10,000lbs and consider more if you can.

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