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    (– by Colt #7288 –)

    Hello all,

    I'm already a member for over a year, but I wanted to introduce a new online store I'm launching in about a week.
    It's specializing in Ballistic rated Eye wear. These products are not only for military and L.E., but for anyone in extreme sports or any activity wear extra impact resistance can be paramount.
    Some models have a removable cavity seal, which is for keeping out dust, debris and is vented for fogproof use.
    These can be found under the Wiley X brand – climate control line up, which is great for off roading, atv'n, motor-crossing (glasses and goggle models).  Also great for, hiking, mountain bike riding, really for any sports or even for just driving, hanging out…. Why not have real cool shades and have your eyes protected from any possible or unforseen accident !


    Optical Protection & Accessories.
    Website is being designed, but if anxious to shop and find an Awesome pair of eye protection/sun glasses,
    please feel free to browse the websites of my suppliers and if find product(s) you like to order.
    Just email me the brand and model #, to reserve it for you, in my first shipment.
    These are the brands I'll be selling.
    All have Mil-spec rating of protection eye wear models and many other cool options. All products on their websites, I can get for you.
    Contact me: Stavros Tel: 416-602-3030 Email: colt_ipsc@yahoo.com





    I'll be ordering my first shipment very soon, and you can reserve a product on this shipment. Please browse asap, and let me know before I order. 
    * Any pre-orders will be 10% off.  After that, 5% off for all members.  These make for great Christmas gifts for your family and friends.

    * my website is also visible prior to launch, if email me you're online, and I'll unlock it.

    Look forward getting all your eyes protected  🙂


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