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    Bill Simeon

    Hi all,

    I was referred to this article by a friend. Does anyone know if this is going to effect modified trucks and or what you can do to you vehicle?

    Nissan Club Link

    In particular:
    “8.8 Bumper
    Reject if:
    – missing, modified, inferior to original to OEM design (width, size, structural integrity) or incorrect for the vehicle
    – Broken, loose or missing mounting structure
    – Any section has exposed sharp edge or protrudes in a manner than could be hazardous to a pedestrian or cyclist”

    A modified bumper can be rejected and as such the vehicle will not pass its’ safety. The MTO does plan on requiring vehicle safety checks every two years.

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    Jason Scott

    Hey Bill, where did you hear about the big annual inspections? I’m curious to rad more about that.

    Bill Simeon

    All rumors!
    I have not hear of any town halls or calls for public opinion on any of the changes.

    I fell with the large number of members with modified rigs these changes may impact them (us) the most. Changes are ment to get bad vehicles off the road and rice rocket racers to slow down.

    Ron Cook

    Thought they did not require public input to change regulations?

    Darren Noble

    My guess….a lot of drift guys(especially with it being a Nissan club thing) remove the steel and reinstall the plastic to help reduce rear end weight. This is probably to do more with that than those of us who go the opposite direction than making it “inferior to oem, structural integrity”

    Andrew Pacan

    I though the bi-annual inspection was for commercial vehicles only. These are the only changes I know of. Looks like no wheel spacers allowed.


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