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    Mark Ramolla

    Hi all, Im new to OF4WD.
    I have a question regarding the difficulty of the Concession Lake trail in Bobcaygeon.
    Ive got a 2005 TJ (LJ actually) with 2.5 susp lift, 1″ body and 32″ Kumhos. Assuming Im a capable driver is this a trail I will be able to get through? Are there water/mud crossings that I’ll find myself in too deep? I dont have a winch but would bring a hand winch along for some form of back up.
    Any input would be appreciated.

    Morgan Buschlen

    Yes, your jeep is capable, I have not been out this year to know how deep the water is.

    But if your asking if it is okay to alone, I wouldn’t recommend it. You should have at least 2 vehicles (3 is better incase you get 2 stuck). Also unless you hand winch is 8000lbs it will not do much with your jeep stuck in the mud.

    There might not be too much visibility here… you can try of4wd facebook page and try to get a few people to go with you.

    Mark Ramolla

    Noted, the winch is only 4000lb; I don’t expect it to do very much if I was buried. I just figured it would be better than nothing and maybe get me out of a light stuck. I’m under the impression that this is a pretty commonly run trail, I’d be on my own so I’ll check the Facebook page to see when someone else is planning a trip.

    James Girard

    I ran that trail 2 years ago stock LJ on 31s, I’ve been out there this year and the water wasn’t that bad. Havn’t been out since all the rain came down though. heading out there this weekend though.

    Chad Watts

    I’m also heading out to Bobcaygeon Saturday. If anyone wants to tag along and move at a slow pace, message me or reply to this thread.

    Steve Evans

    looking for group go out 4×4 concession lake area july

    Kristopher Kriina

    Mark Ramolla….

    Are you Mark from Blue Moon Marine????

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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