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    (– by zeusprune #7398 –)

    So, just posted in introductions.  Picture shows back third of my wheels (2012 JK Wrangler).  Since I'm a newbie, here are some dumb questions.
    1) Air downs.  Bought a set, found them wildly inaccurate.  Is there a set of air downs that actually REALLY works?
    2) Air up.  Since getting eaten alive by bugs is no fun, I aired up to 30ish PSI, figuring on topping up when I got home.  But the ESC/traction control goes nuts (cutting engine, stopping one wheel etc.) if the pressure isn't EXACTLY same on all wheels.  Is there some way of turning this off?  (the owners manual doesn't mention airing down/up.)
    3) Club I'm with goes through swamps 🙂  Should I be concerned about contamination of diff fluids etc?


    (– by hustler #5243 –)

    1. Yes, get some that you can calibrate and they will be as accurate as you make them.

    2. You can get TPMS deactivated  if desired. Someone else might chime in with better info though.

    3. Yes. I'd check your various fluids once you get home after water crossings.


    (– by LugNutz #5331 –)

    Hi Karen, welcome to the forum.

    What type and brand of "airdowns" did you buy? There are a few different styles out there. The Stuan tire deflators simply screw onto your valve stem and start airing down when you pull the pin, they'll shut off when they reach a pre-set pressure… 12PSI from the factory if I recall correctly. There are a couple of Chinese versions out there too by companies like Smittybuilt and Titan that may not come factory preset. I've got a couple sets of these and while they work great, I find they can easily lose their calibration if improperly unscrewed from the stem when your finished. Is this the type you have? If so they are fairly easy to recalibrate to your chosen PSI.

    As for the airing up, I know a few people who have bought or built "spider inflators", a 5 hose assembly with distribution manifold. You simply hook the input hose up to your compressor, and clip the four output hoses to the wheels and it inflates all four tires equally at once. They can be a little pricey but can certainly be worth it.   


    (– by Drizit #6240 –)

    For airing down I got rid of my auto deflators and picked up the ARB deflator, Curry sells exactly the same one.  It's faster and it's as accurate as you are.  It does however require you to stand around with the bugs.

    For airring up I have built one of those spyder hoses.  you can build em for a bit less but mine ended up costing about $120 in parts from princess auto.  I wouldn't plan on spending less then around $80 to build it.  I also put a couple ball valves in to use it to air down.

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