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    (– by Drizit #6240 –)

    The product: Flex-a-lite 485


    Direct fit for Jeep Wrangler from '87-'06
    Includes the controller and thermostat.
    Save gas, free up horse power, and have a way to shut it off when you are hitting a water hole.

    The price: $375±tax cdn
    Optional TJ rad overflow bottle bracket $25+tax can (if you don't buy this and you have a tj it's up to you to figure out the overflow)

    The deal: this price is cash or debit, no credit cards. Parts can be picked up at CT Motorsports once they come in (or I'm sure we can use the parts relay to help out) we need at least 5 orders for this to go through.

    The process: to get into the deal a non refundable $100 deposit must be put down. Once the group buy closes (if we have enough people) the balance of the entire price including tax is due BEFORE the order is placed. Balance must be paid within 1 week of the closing date or your fan won't be ordered and your $100 is forfit. I (extenuating circumstances will always be considered if brought forward before the due date) Money can be paid directly to CT Mortorsports or given to me to take there (I'm near by most days) If at the end closing we don't have enough people your deposit will be refunded.

    Group buy will close on August 9th this gives people time to get their money in to ski before he goes to camp NL. That and it just happens to be a week before pay day 😉

    This will be reposted on a couple of forums so don't be shocked if you see a bunch of fan group buys various places. I will try and keep a master list of who's in. As well as giving Ski your money you need to pm me your contact info and when you gave him the deposit so I can keep track of you.

    People in:
    Me (duh)
    Bierchef (deposit pending)

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