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    Greg Tilford

    Just wondering if any of the members has had a full size truck like the Ford F150 or the Ram 1500 out on any of the trails. Am thinking of buying a new truck and a full size pickup would be more useful on the farm than a smaller truck but at the same time I really don’t want to give up trail time. Second part of this question is has anyone taken a Grand Cherokee WK2 out on the trails and how did it perform as I maybe able to steal the wife’s ride.

    Thanks for any info

    Mark Appelman

    I have a 2004 ram 1500 stock no lift with just 33-35 inch bfg all terrian tires and just left a guided tour of a beginners trial. i made it with a few questionable areas but i made out with some minor damage to my muffler no body damage. clearance was tight due to me having running boards, i would not recommend having them if you plan on off roading in a full size pickup. Speaking to the guides they told me i would not be able to make it on allot of trials due to my stock clearance and long wheel base. i would recommend a small lift to help as you pass over rocks on the trails. Hope this helps


    Greg Tilford

    Thanks Mark, any would remove any running boards or steps and put on a set of rock rails, I am more worried about how many trails I will lose the ability to run if I step up to a full size pickup from my Xterra.


    You would likely lose the ability to run most of the trails do to clearance issues unless you put more of a lift into the truck. Most full size pickups because of their length don’t have sufficient clearance to get over most of the rock obstacles. And then there are still some very tight areas.

    With that being said there are some guys running larger trucks such as H1s and H2s and I know of one Ford Excursion on 42s. But he has the clearance.

    Brian Lotz

    I can’t speak to the WK2 specifically, but I had my WK with Quadra Drive II on Rocky Ridge and Old Logging Trail with no problems. (3″ lift, 32’s, some spotty skid protection). Does your WK2 have the air suspension with QDII?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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