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    Steve stauder

    Hello my name is Steve..pretty new to off-road in. ..can’t wait to meet people and explore.



    I live in Orangeville as well! What rig in town is yours? I drive the Camo Green Wrangler Unlimited..
    I’m always up for some exploration, and 2 is always better than 1!


    Steve stauder

    Hello Nathan….I have a 07 nissan frontier crew cab…with duratrac’s! Stock setup but works good on the unmaint ed roads.


    I’m going to be installing my cb radio this coming weekend, we should get together in a week or two and tour up thru Creemore area..

    Orie Cox

    Hello Steve glad to hear of another frontier on hear. I got a 09 kc tswaped on 35s with fiberglass. They are great trucks in the bush!! Have you signed up or plaining on signing up to any events this year? This will be my fist year wheeling with the of4wd but far from my first time with my truck lol

    Steve stauder

    Hello Ori

    Probably no events this year…bUT. ..I will be going to Sweet peas mud bog in June. ..not running..just watching…and my friend and I go out exploring unmaint ed roads every once and a while around orangeville and creemore area.

    Shawn Cleveland

    Hi from Mansfield.
    Red JK 2dr. might hit Sweet peas
    doing the newbie run next week end
    would like to do some exploring with you all.

    Steve stauder

    Hello Shawn…..actually I was asking someone about roads around creemore…he said check the backroads map book. …I’ll have to look again! Find me on Facebook. …and we can hook up sometime!

    Ben Chittenden

    I’m from Markdale and I have found 2 roads in my area. The first is a easy going (no water crossing) but definitely need something bigger then a car lol. The second is much tuffer with 2 rather long water crossings (rock bottom and actually smooth) I haven’t gone past the 2nd water crossing because I was solo (except the GF) and thought this would be better attempted with another person or group. This trail could be run stock but tires and tow points would be a safe bet.
    Let me know what you guys/girls think would love to check it out and possibly put it on the map!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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