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    (– by whateverworks #5191 –)

    I was out rollin around on some private property we have used over the years to test and play on… It's an old rock quarry that has a settling pond in the middle.
    We have used the land for test/play for about 5 years and I have never seen the water level so low in there… The road that goes in is full of pot holes wich are usually full of water.
    It's looking to be a very dry summer…
    For those who smoke… Use the ash tray… And a spark arrest setup for the exhaust may be a good idea this summer as well for those who do not have catylitic converters in there rigs…
    Make sure your fires are out and you can touch all coals with your hands (Looking to be a fire-ban season if we don't get a hellofalotta rain)
    Be careful out there with sparks and what not… The lack of winter looks like the water tables will be low this summer and everything is very dry and crispy…


    (– by Bad Karma #5647 –)

    For those who smoke… Use the ash tray…

    Use an ash tray if its dry or not!  Throwing your butts out the window anywhere is litter and a fire hazard not just in the woods, but in the car or Jeep behind you when it lands inside his/her vehicle…


    (– by 762X39 #2435 –)

    My brother is up in Thunder Bay and they have already had a few forest fires up there. Pay attention to the fire signs (it was med yesterday in the Kawartha Lakes area). It might be early in the season (actually it starts in 15 days) but fires never take any time off. 🙁


    (– by Just Peachy #6775 –)

    There was a grass fire on the side of the 400 south of Barrie around noon today… way too dry out there!

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