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    Hi all,

    I know some of you are aware of this project that JeepKings is working on in partnership with Canadian Heroes.

    For those who don't I will give a quick run down.

    Trooper Marc Diab was a Canadian soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice on March 8, 2009 while serving in Afghanistan. Marc was a member of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, a fellow Jeeper, and a member of JeepKings.

    Less than 12 hours before Marc was killed he posted in a thread discussing the personal benefit of joining Canada's military. In a thread that focused a lot on the good things of being in the military, Marc told others of the harsh reality of being overseas in the sand, fighting for the freedom of others.

    Here is Marc's last post on JeepKings, as I have already said, less than 12 hours before he was killed.

    DirtyLeb (Trooper Marc Diab) wrote:
    military definitely changed my life for the better.

    Canadian Heroes is an organization that honours all soldiers, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those who have served, currently serve, and will serve. They were at every ramp ceremony for those soldiers who were repatriated to Canada from Afghanistan.

    One of the things the organization provides to each family is a full vinyl wrap of the family's personal vehicle in honour of their loved one so when these vehicles are being driven on a daily basis no one will ever forget what that soldier and all 158 who gave their lives in Afghanistan did for our country and for others.

    Canadian Heroes approached Marc's parents to make the offer. Marc's family still has his Jeep and still drive it regularly. They accepted the offer and mentioned that Marc had some dreams/wishes for his Jeep and they hoped that somehow these dreams/wishes could be fulfilled.

    That is where JeepKings comes in. JeepKings members have been at every event related to Marc since his passing. From the Highway of Heroes repatriation procession, to his funeral, and even the park dedication ceremony in Mississauga. Marc's parents have a special place in their hearts for JeepKings and the JeepKings membership and they asked Canadian Heroes if JeepKings could somehow be involved.

    Canadian Heroes approached the administration team at JeepKings and asked if we would take this project on. We jumped at the opportunity. The project will involve a full rebuild/modification of Marc's Jeep. When the project is done, the Jeep will be given back to Marc's family. They will drive it daily. It will also be used for ceremonies and parades so nobody will ever forget who Marc was and what he stood for.

    At the present time we are in stage one of the project which involves a complete driveline swap. At this point funding for the project is limited and we have acquired most of the parts for the driveline swap through generous donations of individuals and some of the local vendors that we all love to frequent. We are still in need of some parts, and will eventually open up a way of donating from a monetary standpoint. There will also be opportunity to lend a hand with the build itself. All details will be posted on JeepKings.

    I would ask that you check out the project and follow along as the build progresses.

    You can check it out at JeepKings by clicking the link below.


    Be sure to check out the build thread and discussion thread. Also take a browse of the Want to Buy section on JeepKings as we periodically update what parts are needed to keep us moving.

    Thank you all for reading.


    (– by kleroy #6335 –)

    This has been posted on the OF4WD website as well.



    (– by igotafrigginjeep #5702 –)

    Thanks Kim.

    A quick update for everybody…we are close to having people committed to donate everything we need to get the first stage of this build going.

    Stage 1 will be a complete driveline swap from the original 4 cyl/ax5/231 with D30/D35 to a 6 cyl/AW4/231 (with SYE) and a high pinion D30 and 8.8

    At this point we are still looking for an engine (prefer a 97 – 99 TJ engine but will consider all options) and an SYE for the 231.

    Again, I thank everybody for reading this thread and following the progress on JeepKings.

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